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Marielle van Hoorn-Isselmann

Contactpersoon Marielle van Hoorn-Isselmann
Adres Rondeweg 10a, 5263 GR Vught
Telefoon 06-22463259
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Hi, I am Mariëlle van Hoorn-Isselmann.
My Gestalt practice Vevisc is a global practice for
Therapy, Counseling and Conflict Resolution,
where you can learn how to live sustainably,
healthily and effectively with impactful change.
- Are you facing important change in your life?
- Are you looking for a way to deal with it sustainably, healthily and effectively?

No matter where you are in the world: reach out to me by emailing at or calling me at +31622463259 to find out how you too can benefit from an approach to use change as a leverage for growth
PTP: introducing a Learning Program for living Change Healthily & Sustainably
Are you looking for a better way to deal with impactful change? Do you wish you had a bigger stake in the transition that change inevitably entails? PTP may be just what you need.
PTP - the Personal Track Project - is a 6-step learning program for people who wish to learn how to deal with impactful change in a healthy, sustainable and effective way - their way (learn more at
People who have completed the program report regaining their footing, increasing their awareness of what they need to access their talents and abilities and feeling ready to move forward.
After working with PTP you will have:
• a better sense of direction and purpose.
• more clarity on what it takes to make change work with you and for you.
• an increased ability to put your insights into practice and to follow-up with a concrete action plan.
• a treasure trove of genuinely personal tools & assets that will benefit you for good.
Vevisc also offers you tools for:
Effectively Managing Conflict
Conflict often evokes emotions ranging from anxiety to anger, which are unhelpful in achieving a satisfactory solution.
At Vevisc you will learn how to see conflict differently and to use it as a vehicle for growth.

Thriving & Achieving in Competition
Competition is part of life. However, being in competition may affect you adversely, impacting your achievements, your qualities and even your wellbeing.
At Vevisc you get the tools to find your way to thrive in competition and get the results you aim for.

Authentic Parenting
The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice. Make sure that you say what you mean and that you mean what you say.
At Vevisc you will discover keys to a meaningful relationship with your child and to achieve personal growth as a parent.